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Tape and disk both methods to

The use of tape and disk backup storage is that people often use the equipment. But between the two has been used in a separate environment. So what kind of environment, we can speak both be used? People mention data backup, think of the mind is the equivalent word "tape" can be said that along with the backup tape every stage of technological development, Everyone that is established by usage to the "data backup" and "tape" the equal sign. However, with the speed with disk backup, backup window small advantage, tape backup data is no longer the only media choice.

Industry debate on the tape and disk can be considered a long debate, since the ATA disk storage application, a storage industry hot topics. One group of people that the tape will be eliminated, and the disk will be the main backup media. Although there are many arguments in favor of the tape from a tape backup, replace, replaced by a disk backup sample, but the tape backup and archiving system still occupies an integral part. Moreover, especially in the application of virtual tape technology, tape and disk combination can be optimized data protection strategy.

Tape-based backup

As a traditional tape storage media can be described as deep-rooted, the disk moment you want to be completely out of the market, it is not possible to do. Will continue in the enterprise tape backup, recovery and archive strategy plays a central role.

With the disk drive prices down overnight, disk-based storage devices are blossoming out, some said the use of tape has come to dead end. IDC see the tape drive in 2006, the market will continue to be expanded. 100GB or larger drive shipments will increase, and, SDLT, LTO, SAIT drive shipments are growing.

Although the use of disk storage data, the price per GB decreases by more than a tape, but the whole, the present is still the cost of using tape backup data is lower. The distance between tape and disk will still be there, because the tape manufacturers are constantly reducing the cost of tape and improve its performance. In addition, the tape also has a compact, high capacity, low cost, long life and portability advantages. Moreover, the tape backup technology has been 50 years since birth, has withstood the test of time, is indeed a very mature technology, many business users have become accustomed to the use of such storage media, and this is one of its advantages.

The shortcomings of tape-based backup is focused on performance. Less search time and tape media, tape and disk transfer speed is compared, in a slower backup and storage. Unlike disk, tape, media must be controlled.

Tape and disk battle, for now, tape still has many obvious advantages, such as portable nature of tape and the tape will not be the same as the disk head damage problems. Therefore, the tape for those who require long-term archiving of data stored off-line users still have very attractive terms. And the transfer of large amounts of data when the cost of using the tape to be lower than the cost of using the Internet. There is also a fact we must face is that many IT organizations, especially those of large companies IT departments tend to refuse to change their long-term use of those products.

Disk backup

Disk-based backup strategy, one of the most powerful reason for the backup and recovery performance. Disk can access data directly, because no load or rewind, but also do not need to search for the tape volume data files. For the conventional environment, data is stored on disk, the disk read and write data at a rate significantly faster than many tape, storage, data management, it was easier, the time required for the backup window less.

Although the disk is a backup has some advantages, but the disk-based backup strategy has its drawbacks. Some backup applications, adjust according to their backup disk data structure, most of the disk device simulation into a tape device to back up. And a low-cost disk array back up, it can persist up to several weeks of backup data. It can not accommodate a large number of data for long-term retention. Utility will force the organization will eventually remove the backup device to removable media.

In addition, starting from the data security from viruses, hackers, security threats and natural disasters also needs to be considered. Place a site, power or communications infrastructure threats require a copy of the entity's data is stored in a place away from the base site, the fault repair can be used, which would increase the cost of disk backup. For archiving, the disk's life than tape media to be much shorter life span. Idle disk may be lost after one or two years of data or degaussing, except once every 30 days on the turn.

Can have both fish and bear's paw

Comparison of tape and disk on the debate, for tape and disk separately as a data protection strategy are to support and oppose the point of view. The most likely conclusion is reached: while both technologies will increase both with the advantage of both their weaknesses and provide a complementary environment. In addition, virtual tape technology is optimized to improve the two-tier strategy to achieve significant business value with the key.

Tape in the data center data protection strategy for the position has changed. Tape backup strategy will continue as an important part, especially for permanent data storage. Disk will be added as a choice to send the backup and storage functions required 24x7xforever operation. By combining the two technologies will be used for disk and tape backup platform with a short-term, efficient backup and storage, and long-term data archiving have been achieved.

Spectra Logic introduced for a unique, innovative products, namely: RXT Sabre. This technology combines the performance and reliability of disk and tape mobility, filled between the fixed disk and tape the vacancy. Through the perfect combination of disk and tape, RXT enables you to seamlessly and fast disk to existing backup environment: removable RAID disk.

RXT Sabre as part based on the traditional parts? C drive and removable media - RXT Sabre technology can quickly be integrated into standard backup platform and environment, and provide a complete disk - disk - tape (D2D2T) solution. RXT Sabre simulation and because the standard LTO tape drive, RXT Sabre medium is transparent to the backup software. RXT Sabre to provide you with a fixed disk performance and reliability advantages will also have the RAID data storage technology in order to facilitate the data off-line or off-site preservation.

RXT Sabre to help you increase your disk data center without a huge initial investment, no need to change your backup environment or backup strategy, without a new application or server, without much data center space requirements. Simply insert the RXT Sabre and then use it: Store the RXT Sabre media, offline storage, data center of its back once again to use it, it is very easy.

RAID will be moving through to automated tape library, you receive great benefits. Use the same backup strategy and policy, and continue to use the appropriate tape. For example, use tape as a long-term storage of data and inexpensive way to store frequently accessed data to the RXT Sabre, such as the recent and important use of commercial data.

Once RXT Sabre to Spectra T-Series libraries, the data stored in the data center will have two choices: tape and RXT Sabre media. RXT Sabre will be built into the repository, RXT provide near-line access to a recent data backup, disk? C disk ultra-high-speed buffer memory and disk? C tape option. Spectra RXT Sabre technology standard drives and media collection with existing robot can work together. Spectra tape library in a mixed tape and RAID disk, without any merger burden? C do not need new hardware, no new software or changing any infrastructure. RXT Sabre device is inserted to increase the RXT TeraPack medium, and then run. In a storage environment to increase the disk device is so easy.

Large data centers use both automated RXT Sabre as an off-site storage facilities, storage and distribution; for the DtoDtoT lifecycle management solutions, hierarchical data management; or use the RXT Sabre conventional remote office backup (can be used independently, directly and the server connection), RXT will be stored in the environment has been widely used.

All of a sudden there were two backup media, compare two media has great deal of diversity. Also equipped with tape and disk media as data protection and can easily use and management, why not.

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TMPGEnc --- MPEG compression King

Digital video cameras (DV) are now increasingly popular, with DV the film works to bring it for everyone to enjoy the best way is made into VCD or DVD discs, collected from DV in AVI format video files (DV-AVI or ordinary AVI), take it to disc engraved need to convert it into MPEG-1 / 2 format, which requires the MPEG encoding software. Although like "Ulead" This kind of video editing software has to support film and television works directly burn VCD / SVCD video discs, but the best thing to say that professionals MPEG encoding software TMPGEnc, use it to DV-AVI as MPEG and other encoding Nero and other software, then made into VCD or SVCD, picture effect no less professional-grade MPEG compression cards.

First, start the TMPGEnc Project Wizard will pop-up window (Figure 5), a "VCD, SVCD, DVD" three types of templates to choose from, each template has two NTSC and PAL formats, including DVD, the two formats were There are "low resolution" model that is used in the resolution of VCD, DVD disc that can be stored for up to 270 minutes of video. The pattern you choose will be right in the window are described in detail. If you want to make VCD, you can select the "Video-CD" under the PAL format and click "Next."

And then to "specify the source file", click "image file" after the "Browse" button to import video files, and other parts can be the default settings, no hell, go directly to the next step.

Next to "Filter settings", select "the scope of the source image" may specify the scope of encoded video file. You can specify the encoding of the starting point and end point, and can correct the synchronization between video and audio pitch. "Crop image" is used to screen for cropping the source images can be removed without the necessary edge. "Elimination of noise" is used to eliminate video noise, to optimize image results, setting the value to set if not understanding, directly on the screen to see the preview results. Under normal circumstances, you can ignore this step, simply click the "Next" on the line (Figure 6).

Finally, "rate set", VCD fixed rate 1150Kbps, without adjustment, SVCD up to 2600Kbps, DVD are generally set between 5000Kbps ~ 10000Kbps, if you can use the default settings, the next step after setting the Set the output file path and file name.

After the wizard to complete the operation into the main interface (Figure 7), press "Start" button to begin the conversion of MPEG. However, software-based MPEG compression at a slower pace, need a little patience.

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Maxthon filter floating Flash ads all captures

Maxthon (Maxthon) built a web content filter can filter out the advertising page image. But this filter in Flash for web page advertising can do nothing. Of course, install the appropriate plug-ins can easily remove the pages of Flash ads. But too many plug-ins installed Maxthon will run its own slow, and will procedures take up more system resources.

In fact, the use Maxthon own web content filter can filter out pages of Flash ads. Shown in Figure 1 is our target site has not filtered before the Tabs Flash ads.

Figure 1 Flash Ads Filter screenshot before the Web

To filter out Web pages Flash advertising, first of all necessary links to find out Flash ads, because ads directly Flash can not see it right click the link, so we have to view the source of documents to find the link Flash ads address. Figure 2 shows that in Maxthon View Source menu item. Similarly, clicking the right mouse button on the page you can find the View Source menu item.

Figure 2 View Source menu item

In the pop-up page source text file, we use ". Swf" as a keyword to find links to Flash files. Shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 to find. Swf file


鍥? 鎵惧埌Flash骞垮憡鐨勯摼鎺ュ湴鍧?br />


銆??鎶婂浘4涓?涓殑Flash骞垮憡鐨勯摼鎺ュ湴鍧?繚瀛樹笅鏉ャ?鐒跺悗鎵撳紑Maxthon 鑿滃崟鏍忎腑鐨勨?閫夐」|骞垮憡鐚庢墜|缂栬緫杩囨护鍒楄〃鈥濓紙濡傚浘5鎵?ず锛夈?

鍥? 骞垮憡鐚庢墜鑿滃崟


鍥? 鏂板缓缃戦〉杩囨护鍐呭


鍥? 杩囨护Flash骞垮憡鍚庣殑椤甸潰鎴浘



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The face of OOXML, how can we do?

At present, ODF and OOXML both sides, are "hard" activities in order to achieve their own ends. How should we do? Understand these words, is the use of "vote (Ballot)", or rely on "consensus (Consensus)"? Nutshell: ISO basic spirit of the (principle) is what?

February 25, editor in chief of the International Open Document Format (Editor) Patrick Durusau published an article entitled "Confusion, Standard and OpenXML", sets out some views, it is worth our consideration. He believes, ISO to solve the problem the principle of "consultation-driven" ("Consensus driven"), rather than "counting votes" ("Counting votes"). As a result, he said, for OOXML's "Yes", or "No" question, only BRM meeting in Geneva, delegates after full discussion, to "lie", any other solution will deviate from the ISO's "consultation-driven" principle.

Patrick Durusau frankly admitted: his personal view, ODF is better than (superior) OOXML, but he also acknowledged that the OOXML supporters are local (legitimately) hold different views on these two. He suggested that both sides put down their "booster" ("enthusiastic supporter"), social roles, sit together, face the future, constructive "calm discussion" ("Calm discussion"). So, Patrick Durusau conclusion that, for ODF and OOXML "co-evolution" (Co-evolution) (of course, the premise is "coexistence").

Patrick Durusau proposed a bold vision, that is, if not OOXML ISO approval, it will happen? According to his "co-evolution" idea has not been if OOXML ISO approval, then we will lose an important opportunity, which (at least) to allow the two major "sign vocabulary" ("markup vocabularies") sitting in the same tables on the (common procedure). In short, Patrick Durusau I revealed the a strong desire to: my colleagues are willing to sit down with OOXML, common rules of procedure, to face the future. He believes that today, OOXML has been improved, from a closed to a greater openness. Here, Patrick Durusau is not a strong call ("clarion call for") approval of OOXML, but merely expressed a view: those who oppose Microsoft zealots (zealots) does not give OOXML a little bit of confidence, and this little bit of trust is to be obtained (was due). Patrick Durusau see OOXML inside the "gold content."

According to Patrick Durusau's proposal, the OOXML vote, not only from their own "private interest", but rather to be an international consultation in Geneva (BRM) meeting with representatives of "joint consultation", after returning, again based on "full consideration" to final decision. In short, we should be held for OOXML attitude is: "consensus" First, "vote count" second. That said, simply urged the vote of significance.

(Note: This is a technical article, not concerned with the "patriotic.")

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Overcome stage fright interview the 10 candidates recruited nirvana

1. A sense of balance necessary to correctly treat the interview, to do well prepared to withstand setbacks. Even temporary loss interview, nor to a failure Hero.

Two. On the recruitment of units and must have a correct assessment of its own, believed that he is fully capable of doing the job. "Confidence is not necessarily to win, not necessarily lose confidence. "

3. Appropriate to improve apparel grade, dressed neat appearance, to change their image and self confidence.

4. To do a few deep breaths before the interview, the mood will certainly be much more calm, courage will be doubled.

5. When he met with the examiner, must take the initiative to conduct intimate with each other in God's eye contact, to eliminate tension. Established in the heart as an equal relationship with the recruiters. If you are afraid, there was the feeling of overwhelm each other when the courage to eye contact with each other until the tension removed, and then expressed his own job ideas.

6. When tension may wish to about yourself, talk about their feelings, can you become lighter.

7. Feel under pressure, might help to find gaps recruiters such as clothing, speech, posture, weaknesses, in order to improve their mental strength, so that it will enhance the inter-consciously or unconsciously, self-confident, more comfortable answering questions also the.

8. When there talking with each other intervals, do not impatient, so instead of thinking to give myself the space, pay close attention to honoring the other side feel you are a calm person.

9. To answer the question once the tension, to say may stutter or becomes clearer and faster, tension will increase, at this time, the best way is to intentionally slow down their speech rate, so a word from the mouth of a clear spit it out, slowed down, the mood is not nervous. Tail may also add language pronunciation, speak loud and slow, to ease the tension.

10. Into the examination room to see the examiner, we might wish to say a few polite aloud if a meek, nervous feeling will disappear.

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Who destroyed the blog?

If the predictions come true, Web2.0 really a bubble, then, who destroyed it?

This prediction is very meaningful. In other birthday, do not wish him happy and give him some advice. This course is considered obsolete, but more valuable.

September 7 is the 3rd anniversary of China blog. It seems the entire blog in China, an anniversary. Around 2000 young people to university still had inevitably Fang Xingdong and dumping, and now I am afraid that few people thought of it. Dr. Fang courage, performed a scene "wets merchants" stories, will stay on in a living history.

Rounds from the beginning of this year since the second half of Web2.0, I have been pouring cold water, this objective also holding a Web2.0 field. However, the gathering place and no white baseball, and now, a pioneer in the earliest RSS finally done told me that next year, 90% of the Web2.0 companies will die.

He is right incomplete right. I think that, in absolute amount, the 90% a little less.

We are now in the focus on the blog, and always those few things: technology-driven, interactive, individualism ... ... In the end, now the hottest topic is business model. Got into fierce arguments, whether there is, and whether there should be business model? Business model look like?

This is precisely what a sad.

The initial driving force Web2.0 technology enthusiast from the individual fans. In 2003, I started to write a blog, first settled in the blog section of the site would attract me deeply. It said that one blog, but diary; 100 personal blog, but the exchange; 1000 personal blog, which is the media.

I think, to this day, I am afraid that this view has been widely accepted. Blog in a foreign country, whether the historical role of the media has, or is it the media's influence, have fulfilled this prophecy in.

Thousands of blog success of the "blog phenomenon." If the media, then you are a superstructure, it is not a commercial machine. Last week, a veteran of the media said. Phrase was familiar to us, but by deliberately forgetting the words, I began to worry about the future of the blog. "State of the economy is good, too optimistic about the future, blind expansion of the job cuts without layoffs. Thus, when the bad years come, the people are too pessimistic, so the cycle." In the "Great Game", the right those bubble in U.S. history and panic were so summarized.

Rich applications, the increase in the absolute number of Internet users, investment opportunities under macro-control to reduce ... ... This is the Internet became a hot spot for investment reasons. Than a few years ago, the Internet is more mature; However, compared to a few years ago, it is more greedy.

Now, the second Internet bubble coming. Early September of the Internet Conference, became a millionaire many dream big PARTY. Everyone believe that they just will be there among the remaining 1%.

Why the Internet is now like this?

Now the blog, or in our hearts blog?

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Huang Guangyu speculation exposure details

February 12, the reporter was informed that, since the main defendant, Gome "undeliverable complaint," as the United States collected by the Jinan China, originally scheduled for the 18th session of the "triple Group v. Huang Guangyu control the auction case," or would be postponed. But the triple aspects of the urgency has been locked wins fruit shown.

The lawsuit, triple back in early 2008, the Group aim at the auction of 2,700 shares was (10.67%) triple trading company stock. Previously, in order to ensure the scheduled hearing, when the fifth defendant Lybrand investment "undeliverable complaint", the triple Group chose its temporary withdrawal.

Sanlian Group of lung power, on the one hand from the Commission confirmed that "on the triple trading company stock trading record for audit exception", on the other hand is already on the evidence of their hands.

For the upcoming proceedings, the country is still the United States declined to comment, the National Executive Vice President Wang Junzhou only the United States, said: "We believe that the law of justice." Previously, the country and triple the U.S. just get the upper hand in the battle group. February 2, through their own extraordinary general meeting, Gome triple trading company formally entered the board of directors.

Advanced setup,

Sanlian Group finds that the path of Huang Guangyu manipulation roughly triple trading companies: the early stage in Shandong to find an agent - find a suitable stock of listed companies; setup, and to identify loopholes in triple trading companies, acquired the concept of using auctions manufacturing; final effect to lift the secondary market.

Background was the end of 2007, triple the Group holds a total of 4978.2602 triple trading company shares, representing 19.71% equity. Which set the limit in 2013 lifting the ban on sale of shares outstanding 4976.5602 million, due to triple Group debt is high and the waiting time has been a number of banks to freeze.

Jinan is one branch of CITIC, the connection with the triple group were originated two years ago, a security contract. In early 2006, Jinan branch of CITIC triple trading companies and listed companies signed the loan contract, triple triple Urban Group subsidiary provides security, collateral is a piece of urban construction land triple.

Triple Group in accordance with claim mortgage land was later changed to public green space planning bureau, banks require collateral change. The change in triple the amount owed has been paid back half of the group (the remainder is 39 million yuan), Joint Group of collateral into 2700 equity shares of triple trading company.

A triple Group executives explained that the other half of the arrears is not also the reason: "If all paid off, it clear in the bank account, and then our money is just the better, if a clear account would other banks negative impact. "

But let triple clique unexpectedly, before the Spring Festival in 2008, things suddenly repeated, Jinan branch of CITIC insisted the auction of these options. "We were asking them to do the work of a former president is not OK. I say we do not ask, and then delayed three days work? This point do not agree."

Information from the Securities and Futures Commission departments that is from September 2007 after the start Wong Kwong Yu triple batches in the secondary market trading companies to buy stocks.

According to the senior said Huang Guangyu of the manipulator hands, one from Shandong Province to Longji Island (its come forward to bid) the parent company of Shandong Rakhine State, have deep roots; while the island's two shareholders of Dragon's Back one of the Shandong Economic Development Co., Ltd. Legal Representative Reid Wang Tingling, and against total assets of CITIC Jinan branch head has a very familiar, many years ago who have a business partner. "The two had previously done business partners, including a beauty salon." Sources said.

The Group of high level or even triple that triple trading company set up by the Council, the agents were "intermediate cost" 25 million yuan. Sanlian Group, said Huang Guangyu was found by agents of the relationship between the branches of the CITIC Jinan official, for the next "sudden auction" paved the way for.

Sanlian Group is auctioning a greater stake in the number of questions. Finally auction 2,700 million shares, accounting for triple trading company 10.67% of total share capital, the auction will be competition to obtain the controlling shareholders of listed companies.

Triple group that, when assessing price of 2.48 yuan per share, 2,700 shares had reached nearly 67 million yuan, far higher than the amount owed 39 million yuan for banks, "Obviously the purpose is to create the concept of secondary market acquisition . "

However, the design options for the auction, the investment adviser Hailong Rui Yin, Executive Director of I think a lot of pressure triple trading company funds a long time, if not a controlling stake in the auction, the banks want to recover the possibility of collateral assets is very low, "does not exist Group sold more than triple that of the phenomenon. "

Auction suspense

For the auction process, triple Group also considered that "there is suspicion of collusion." First, timing is only for bidders left four working days; the second is that bidders raise barriers to entry.

The triple group executive said: "The general subject matter, the auction usually required to pay 5% deposit, (they ask) 10 million yuan deposit, the value of the subject matter should be 2 million, significantly higher threshold is set. General units can not have so much cash, especially after the Spring Festival, and requires such a short period of time (four days) had paid. "

February 14, 2008, auction day, just 8 minutes, triple trading company sold 27 million restricted shares rose from a starting price of 7 yuan to 19.9 yuan transactions, setting a "high price" a record.

The Triple Group high-level, said the auction period, the triple Group has determined "in any case should the 2,700 shares shot back." However, he said, when the auctioneer shouted 19.9 yuan, he raised placards with the venue's phone cut off, otherwise the triple aspects of the representatives will have been held down.

"I always say do not stop, do not stop," but did not hear calls on behalf of the venue not cited. Reason at all costs, he explained, "In fact, no matter how high the price, I remove the cover bank debt, to pay the auction company's commission, money or me." But the final transaction price is still To his surprise, "also will be able to predict six to 15 dollars, no one thought of such a high."

Accordingly, in the secondary market, after resumption of trading on March 4 triple trading company, shares six consecutive daily limit from 9.68 yuan, the highest close at 17.68 yuan.

And therefore the matter quickly into newly established Commission inspection division line of sight. A Commission official responsible for supervising the investigation told the newspaper reporters that the island has quit Longji appliances, he bought what.

Two months after the auction, March 28, 2008 the Commission formally opened investigations "triple trading company unusual fluctuations in the secondary market price" - occurred on Feb. 14 auction will be the focus of the survey, and this goes back Behind the manipulator has been revealed.

Sanlian Group, said, "the auction method made it very clear, malicious collusion, the auction null and void." But the executives also acknowledged at that time, pain control stake, although they suspected, but no clear evidence.

However, the August 26, 2008 triple trading company announced a "detailed report of changes in equity-type", to give them a can be recognized by all the evidence: State affiliate of the United States - Liu Chunlin Zhan Sheng Investment Executive Directors and managers Han Yuejun respectively, in March 2008 18,19 6 thousand two days to sell shares of the stock triple trading company, supervisors and Tolerant in the month of February -8 frequent trading of shares of listed companies.

November 2008 Wong Kwong Yu "accident" that the incident came to light. The triple group executive, said more evidence may be as "Huang Guangyu case" for further investigation been disclosed.

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