Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TMPGEnc --- MPEG compression King

Digital video cameras (DV) are now increasingly popular, with DV the film works to bring it for everyone to enjoy the best way is made into VCD or DVD discs, collected from DV in AVI format video files (DV-AVI or ordinary AVI), take it to disc engraved need to convert it into MPEG-1 / 2 format, which requires the MPEG encoding software. Although like "Ulead" This kind of video editing software has to support film and television works directly burn VCD / SVCD video discs, but the best thing to say that professionals MPEG encoding software TMPGEnc, use it to DV-AVI as MPEG and other encoding Nero and other software, then made into VCD or SVCD, picture effect no less professional-grade MPEG compression cards.

First, start the TMPGEnc Project Wizard will pop-up window (Figure 5), a "VCD, SVCD, DVD" three types of templates to choose from, each template has two NTSC and PAL formats, including DVD, the two formats were There are "low resolution" model that is used in the resolution of VCD, DVD disc that can be stored for up to 270 minutes of video. The pattern you choose will be right in the window are described in detail. If you want to make VCD, you can select the "Video-CD" under the PAL format and click "Next."

And then to "specify the source file", click "image file" after the "Browse" button to import video files, and other parts can be the default settings, no hell, go directly to the next step.

Next to "Filter settings", select "the scope of the source image" may specify the scope of encoded video file. You can specify the encoding of the starting point and end point, and can correct the synchronization between video and audio pitch. "Crop image" is used to screen for cropping the source images can be removed without the necessary edge. "Elimination of noise" is used to eliminate video noise, to optimize image results, setting the value to set if not understanding, directly on the screen to see the preview results. Under normal circumstances, you can ignore this step, simply click the "Next" on the line (Figure 6).

Finally, "rate set", VCD fixed rate 1150Kbps, without adjustment, SVCD up to 2600Kbps, DVD are generally set between 5000Kbps ~ 10000Kbps, if you can use the default settings, the next step after setting the Set the output file path and file name.

After the wizard to complete the operation into the main interface (Figure 7), press "Start" button to begin the conversion of MPEG. However, software-based MPEG compression at a slower pace, need a little patience.

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