Monday, October 11, 2010

Maxthon filter floating Flash ads all captures

Maxthon (Maxthon) built a web content filter can filter out the advertising page image. But this filter in Flash for web page advertising can do nothing. Of course, install the appropriate plug-ins can easily remove the pages of Flash ads. But too many plug-ins installed Maxthon will run its own slow, and will procedures take up more system resources.

In fact, the use Maxthon own web content filter can filter out pages of Flash ads. Shown in Figure 1 is our target site has not filtered before the Tabs Flash ads.

Figure 1 Flash Ads Filter screenshot before the Web

To filter out Web pages Flash advertising, first of all necessary links to find out Flash ads, because ads directly Flash can not see it right click the link, so we have to view the source of documents to find the link Flash ads address. Figure 2 shows that in Maxthon View Source menu item. Similarly, clicking the right mouse button on the page you can find the View Source menu item.

Figure 2 View Source menu item

In the pop-up page source text file, we use ". Swf" as a keyword to find links to Flash files. Shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 to find. Swf file


鍥? 鎵惧埌Flash骞垮憡鐨勯摼鎺ュ湴鍧?br />


銆??鎶婂浘4涓?涓殑Flash骞垮憡鐨勯摼鎺ュ湴鍧?繚瀛樹笅鏉ャ?鐒跺悗鎵撳紑Maxthon 鑿滃崟鏍忎腑鐨勨?閫夐」|骞垮憡鐚庢墜|缂栬緫杩囨护鍒楄〃鈥濓紙濡傚浘5鎵?ず锛夈?

鍥? 骞垮憡鐚庢墜鑿滃崟


鍥? 鏂板缓缃戦〉杩囨护鍐呭


鍥? 杩囨护Flash骞垮憡鍚庣殑椤甸潰鎴浘



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