Monday, September 27, 2010

The face of OOXML, how can we do?

At present, ODF and OOXML both sides, are "hard" activities in order to achieve their own ends. How should we do? Understand these words, is the use of "vote (Ballot)", or rely on "consensus (Consensus)"? Nutshell: ISO basic spirit of the (principle) is what?

February 25, editor in chief of the International Open Document Format (Editor) Patrick Durusau published an article entitled "Confusion, Standard and OpenXML", sets out some views, it is worth our consideration. He believes, ISO to solve the problem the principle of "consultation-driven" ("Consensus driven"), rather than "counting votes" ("Counting votes"). As a result, he said, for OOXML's "Yes", or "No" question, only BRM meeting in Geneva, delegates after full discussion, to "lie", any other solution will deviate from the ISO's "consultation-driven" principle.

Patrick Durusau frankly admitted: his personal view, ODF is better than (superior) OOXML, but he also acknowledged that the OOXML supporters are local (legitimately) hold different views on these two. He suggested that both sides put down their "booster" ("enthusiastic supporter"), social roles, sit together, face the future, constructive "calm discussion" ("Calm discussion"). So, Patrick Durusau conclusion that, for ODF and OOXML "co-evolution" (Co-evolution) (of course, the premise is "coexistence").

Patrick Durusau proposed a bold vision, that is, if not OOXML ISO approval, it will happen? According to his "co-evolution" idea has not been if OOXML ISO approval, then we will lose an important opportunity, which (at least) to allow the two major "sign vocabulary" ("markup vocabularies") sitting in the same tables on the (common procedure). In short, Patrick Durusau I revealed the a strong desire to: my colleagues are willing to sit down with OOXML, common rules of procedure, to face the future. He believes that today, OOXML has been improved, from a closed to a greater openness. Here, Patrick Durusau is not a strong call ("clarion call for") approval of OOXML, but merely expressed a view: those who oppose Microsoft zealots (zealots) does not give OOXML a little bit of confidence, and this little bit of trust is to be obtained (was due). Patrick Durusau see OOXML inside the "gold content."

According to Patrick Durusau's proposal, the OOXML vote, not only from their own "private interest", but rather to be an international consultation in Geneva (BRM) meeting with representatives of "joint consultation", after returning, again based on "full consideration" to final decision. In short, we should be held for OOXML attitude is: "consensus" First, "vote count" second. That said, simply urged the vote of significance.

(Note: This is a technical article, not concerned with the "patriotic.")

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