Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Overcome stage fright interview the 10 candidates recruited nirvana

1. A sense of balance necessary to correctly treat the interview, to do well prepared to withstand setbacks. Even temporary loss interview, nor to a failure Hero.

Two. On the recruitment of units and must have a correct assessment of its own, believed that he is fully capable of doing the job. "Confidence is not necessarily to win, not necessarily lose confidence. "

3. Appropriate to improve apparel grade, dressed neat appearance, to change their image and self confidence.

4. To do a few deep breaths before the interview, the mood will certainly be much more calm, courage will be doubled.

5. When he met with the examiner, must take the initiative to conduct intimate with each other in God's eye contact, to eliminate tension. Established in the heart as an equal relationship with the recruiters. If you are afraid, there was the feeling of overwhelm each other when the courage to eye contact with each other until the tension removed, and then expressed his own job ideas.

6. When tension may wish to about yourself, talk about their feelings, can you become lighter.

7. Feel under pressure, might help to find gaps recruiters such as clothing, speech, posture, weaknesses, in order to improve their mental strength, so that it will enhance the inter-consciously or unconsciously, self-confident, more comfortable answering questions also the.

8. When there talking with each other intervals, do not impatient, so instead of thinking to give myself the space, pay close attention to honoring the other side feel you are a calm person.

9. To answer the question once the tension, to say may stutter or becomes clearer and faster, tension will increase, at this time, the best way is to intentionally slow down their speech rate, so a word from the mouth of a clear spit it out, slowed down, the mood is not nervous. Tail may also add language pronunciation, speak loud and slow, to ease the tension.

10. Into the examination room to see the examiner, we might wish to say a few polite aloud if a meek, nervous feeling will disappear.

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